7/29 – 3 Places To Have A Great Breakfast/Brunch

Hello, Hello! The other day, I was talking with friends considering where to eat and I was hard pressed to choose a place to go have Breakfast before the Brunch crowd got into full swing.

So, of course I had to sit, think, and go out and about. Since I love all things Mom and Pop, I prefer not to lean toward the chain eateries. Here are a few of my picks:

  1. Buzzbrews – They have multiple locations around Dallas and they are open 24 hours!  You have your pick of quite a few breakfast choices as well as multiple coffee flavor choices. And as an added bonus, they have free Wi Fi. Check out their website: www.buzzbrews.com

  2. Spiral Diner – What I think is so special about this spot is that they are Vegetarian& Vegan with quite a bit of Gluten Free and Soy Free items. Music to my ears since I do happen to have food allergies.  Don’t worry, their menu items very much appeal to the Carnivore crowd. Check them out at : www.spiraldiner.com

  3. El Jordan Cafe in Bishop Arts – You want a home cooked Mexican Breakfast, here ya go. Our friends here are only open for Breakfast and Lunch VERY reasonably priced. You won’t be disappointed with your meal in the cozy diner style place. Sorry, no website – go and be adventurous!


Crossroads Diner – Definitely worth the breakfast crowd wait for their decadently delicious sticky buns.Take note, they are only open for Breakfast and Lunch only. Weekends fill up, so get there early.

Check them out at: www.crossroads-diner.com

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