My Matinee Sunday at North Park Center

Ok, Ok, I know this is so very mainstream. Bear with me. A dear friend of mine and I have a standing Matinee date. So since the movie was playing at North Park, that’s where we went. After the flick was over he ran off to do errands which left me to my own wandering.

I gotta say it’s been a while since I’ve hit the Mall. Mother Byrd usually holds me captive there during the Holidays. But, after having a really nice quiet meal at Green House Market ( seriously try the Chia Seed pudding). I had a nice time actually searching out all of the sculptures, original paintings (read Warhol), and even the Tesla exhibit.

What I was anticipating to be my usual 30 min power walk spin ended up being more than a 90 minute stroll. I even shot a clip out in the very lush courtyard. So that being said, Sojourn out to the very air conditioned North Park for some sightseeing – and maybe some people watching.


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