kitchen dog

New Works Festival at the Kitchen Dog

This Saturday 5/31 @ 1pm starts the new works festival. I’ve been to quite a few readings and this promises to be a lot of fun.
***Admission is PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN/FREE for 13/14 KDT season ticket holders AND we’ve got a free pre-show Bloody Mary/Gourmet Popcorn Bar! Don’t miss out!***

Here’s the lineup for Weekend Number 1!

Saturday, May 31, at 1pm

by Steve Yockey

Directed by Christopher Carlos
Cast: Jeff Colangelo, Nathan Israelson, Jenni Steck, Shelley Payton

Brenda Hendricks has her hands full dealing with her son Noah after he is expelled from a prestigious college and returns to their isolated Northern California home. When a mysterious woman arrives on their doorstep dragging along buried secrets and stories about birds, Brenda and Noah find their world turned upside down in ways both intimate and epic.


Saturday, May 31 at 4pm

by Sarah Saltwick
*Playwright in attendance*

Directed by Tim Johnson
Cast: Justin Locklear, Liza Gonzalez,
David Goodwin, Whitney Holotik, Kristin Kelso, Jenny Ledel, and Ira Steck

Believe Alan Turning- that girl is really a robot. It’s just that Mollybot’s face is uncannily human. She hasn’t been so perfect since her creator went missing and there’s only one chance left to to convince the investors of her worth. One far away woman holds the key to unlocking it all.